How to Swaddle a Baby- Step by Step

Step 1: Fold Blanket  & Place Baby on Top
Choose a safe flat surface (ex. middle of the bed) and lay your swaddle blanket flat in a diamond shaped position. Fold the top corner over into the shape of a triangle. Lay your little one on their back in the center of the blanket with their shoulders right below the fold leaving their neck out.

Step 2: Wrap one Side of the Blanket
Gently tuck baby’s left arm beside their body. Next, grab the left corner of the swaddle and bring it around their shoulder and tuck it underneath their body.

Step 3: Bring the Bottom Corner Up
Bring the bottom corner up and over baby’s feet and tuck it under the first fold or underneath baby (both options work). Remember to keep the hips loose, make sure to leave enough space for baby’s feet to be able to move. Wrapping baby’s hips too tight can cause hip dysplasia. 

Step 4: Wrap the Other side of the Blanket & Tuck the Extra Piece of Fabric in The Fold
Bring the right arm to baby’s side and wrap the other corner across baby’s arm and chest placing the remaining fabric underneath baby.


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