Baby Bath Time Necessities

We all know what to expect when it comes to bath time. Lots of giggles, splashing, and a lot of water EVERYWHERE. Here are several bath time essentials like body wash, shampoo, toys, lotion, and more to help make bath time easier and exciting for you and your baby. 

The Seater

Bathing a newborn often happens in a bathtub or in a large sink. A bath seat that fits both makes things a whole lot easier and comfier.

Our pick: Angelcare Baby Bath Support

Keeping Baby Warm and Relaxed (for newborns)

For those who want to give a swaddle bath a try (a technique that helps keep babies warm and relaxed) you will need a light swaddle to place on top of baby. You can uncover them as you wash them.

Our pick: Bundled Baby’s Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blankets

The Fun

Have toys to keep baby entertained so you can get down to business. Bonus points if you can make bathtime educational too.

Our top picks: Munchkin Letters and Numbers Bath Toy & BabyBibi Floating Baby Bath Books 

The Cleaning

Since body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion will all be going on your baby’s skin, make sure to look out for the ingredients while picking these. You'll want to look for clean products that won’t be irritating. Don't forget to apply lotion to baby’s body post bathtime to keep baby’s skin hydrated and extra soft.

Our pick: Honest’s Purely Sensitive Collection

The Rinsing

A rinsing cup that helps keep water and products out of your baby’s eyes is key.

Our pick: Skip Hop Baby Bath Rinse Cup, Waterfall Rinser 

Drying up

Make sure to have a soft absorbent towel near. You’ll need it to dry off baby and keep them cozy.

Our pick: Bundled Baby’s Hooded Towels

Pajama Party

One step closer to bedtime, dress baby in a soft footie. We recommend bamboo when it comes to footies and pajamas. And if we’re talking footies, we always prefer ones with a double/reversible zipper to make diaper changing easier.

Our pick: Bundled Baby’s Zippered Footies & Pajamas

Hope these help you and your baby make the most out of bath time! If you have any products that you swear by, drop your recommendations in the comments below! 

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